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PIND launches the Appropriate Technology Enabled Development Center in Warri, Delta State

The Appropriate Technology Enabled Development (ATED) Center was launched at the premises of PIND’s Economic Development Center (EDC) in Warri, Delta State, on July 8th, 2015. PIND will use the ATED Centre to raise awareness on the challenges that climate change poses for the Niger Delta. This building will respond to the need for a space in which people from around the Niger Delta can learn about new technologies that will respond to the particular challenges in their communities, and will help PIND demonstrate its commitment to energy efficiency as a way of starting the conversation on the need for energy efficiency in the Niger Delta.

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Fostering Partnerships for Climate Change Advocacy in the Niger Delta

Ahead of the launch of the Appropriate Technology Enabled Development (ATED) Center, PIND arranged for a multi-stakeholder meeting at the Economic Development Center in Warri, Delta State, with participants comprising key public, private and civil society actors working in on issues concerning renewable energy and climate change in the Niger Delta. Participants present at the meeting shared their ideas on opportunities for expanding advocacy on climate change, and came up with ways to partner on climate change policy in the Niger Delta.

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Niger Delta Peace and Security Working Group Forum on Stakeholder Responsibilities for the 2015 Election

The Stakeholders’ Forum on 2015 Elections brought together 102 public and private sector stakeholders – including security agents and traditional and youth leaders – to share findings from its multi-sector consultations on what can be done in order to mitigate the potential for violence in the Niger Delta. The Peace and Security Working Group (PSWG) was established in order to enhance the effectiveness and coordination of interventions that are designed to reduce conflict in Nigeria. The PSWG meets in Abuja and Port Harcourt, and brings CSOs, NGOs, government, and private sector stakeholders together to share information and identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration. The Niger Delta Sub-Group was established with the same vision of preventing violent conflict with a specific focus on the 2015 elections and the end of the Amnesty Program.

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Appropriate Technology-Enabled Development (ATED) -Chokor Oven

PIND’s Appropriate Technology-Enabled Development (ATED) team went to monitor the construction of chorkor ovens, clean burning stoves that allow fish smokers to produce more smoked fish in less time, in Fishtown in Keffes River Development Community in Bayelsa State. The chorkor oven is an appropriate technology – an AT – because it is made from locally-available materials and can easily be replicated at community level. These pictures show the construction of the chorkor ovens by trained youth from the Keffes RDC. Once operational, these ovens would help improve the productivity of fish smokers and help boost income.

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Chevron Executive Vice President visit to Nigeria

On February 3 – 7, 2014, <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Executive Vice-President of Chevron Corporation Ms. Rhonda Zygocki visited PIND’s Economic Development Center in Warri and head office in Abuja</a> as part of her official visit to Nigeria. She was also taken on a tour of one of PIND project sites in Warri, Delta State. This trip proved to be an excellent opportunity to showcase PIND’s work of the past few years exemplified by its holistic approach to economic development by mainstreaming peace building and capacity building, and allow her see first-hand the impact that the Foundation is having on the lives and livelihoods on Nigerians in the Niger Delta region.

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Sam O Daibo takes over as Executive Director at PIND

Sam Ogbemi Daibo succeeds Dennis Flemming as Executive Director of the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND). A small private ceremony was held at PIND’s office in Abuja with PIND staff and professional partners in attendance that marked the transition.

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PIND 2012 Staff Retreat

With the tremendous increase in its staff strength and the opening of 2 regional offices in Delta and Rivers States, PIND Foundation has come a long way since its inception in 2010. In December 2012, the PIND team all converged at a staff retreat in Songhai Farms in Rivers state for team building and 2013 workplanning.

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Niger Delta Development Forum 2012

The first edition of the Niger Delta Development Forum (NDDF), with the theme ‘supporting poverty reduction through partnership’ was held on the 21st and 22nd of November, 2012 in Port Harcourt with over 180 active participants from different works of life in attendance.

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Excursion to NIFOR Exposes Palm Oil Actors in Imo State to Improved Processing Technology

One key focus of PIND’s research and intervention in the palm oil agricultural sector is to help farmers appreciate the loss of income they incur due to the use of poor processing technologies in the extraction of palm oil from harvested fresh fruit bunches.

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PIND Foundation Opens Doors of Economic Development Center

Warri, Nigeria, 9th May 2012 – The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND), held a commissioning ceremony in Egbokodo, Warri on Wednesday, May 9 to mark the opening of its Economic Development Center (EDC) .

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Youths of The Niger Delta Calendar Project

In October 2011, PIND identified youth groups from the Niger Delta that had come together as a group to pursue a common goal for their own good, and that of their families and communities. Some of these groups are showcased in PIND’s 2012 calendar and short films on the group have been made and can be seen on PIND’s website.

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Video Production Training in the Niger Delta

September 2011 – PIND Foundation concluded a series of training workshops on basic video production techniques for 36 persons drawn from Civil Society Organizations, Youths and Production Professionals from the Niger Delta.

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PIND Trains CSO partners on Value Chain Development Approach

Thirteen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working in the Niger Delta were recent beneficiaries of a four-day training on the value chain approach to economic development in emerging markets organized by PIND in Warri Delta state.

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Promoting Women’s Livelihoods

Distribution of livelihood grant and calendars to women beneficiaries under the PIND Women Empowerment Programme.

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PIND and USAID/Nigeria Sign Memorandum of Understanding

The USAID/Nigeria, NDPI and PIND Memorandum of Understanding signing in photos.

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